When we met Eden, Mason, and Jude for their engagement shoot, everything came together. The looks they shared,their smiles, it all came so naturally to them. Little Jude even got to help Jeremy with the reflector, and made a game out of helping his parents smile and feel comfortable. Having a kid at a photo shoot always has its challenges, but he stuck with us the whole time with smiles, and giggles. During one of our breaks Mason got down and showed Jude some of the Koi fish in the pond, and naturally I had to get down with them and get some awesome shots. With the camaraderie we felt with them, we knew right away that their wedding was one to look forward to. Plus their wedding invitation was so cute! If I’d been a guest I would’ve RSVP’d right away!
Eden & Mason Hines had an intimate, cozy, fall wedding on a beautiful October day in Glen Rose, Texas. We arrived at the Country Woods Inn early in the morning and immediately spotted Eden was looking adorable in her flannel shirt and boots talking to her florist Kerri from Whole Heart Offerings.
When I picked up the bride’s bouquet for close ups I was blown away. I have never seen so many colors look so natural together. We fell in love with the colors and textures so much that we spent a good 40 minutes taking pictures of them, Eden’s gorgeous bridal cowboy boots, and her incredible wedding gown.
With the rush that happens right before a wedding ceremony, it’s easy to run through everything, and not take time to cherish special moments. With that in mind, Eden decided she wanted to have a mother and son first look, and the images we got were precious! Despite being tired, having had to wait patiently all morning, and emotions running high all over the place, Jude was such a sweet boy, and they were able to share a few special minutes, just for the two of them.
There are many wedding traditions such as unity sand or unity candles, but Eden and Mason, being a gardeners, decided to plant a tree together instead. All of the guests came in with a cup of dirt to pour into the vase as they waited for the bride. When the back door opened, sunlight poured into the chapel as little Jude walked his mom down the isle. She was absolutely stunning. It felt like something from a movie. The ceremony seemed to fly by and before you know it the newly wed’s were flying out of the chapel, huge smiles one their faces.
Despite it being late October the sun was bright, and hot, so we were grateful to everyone for being good sports, and dealing with the heat with smiles, and a fun spirit. As wedding photographers we love meeting new people, and capturing new personalities, and we had so much of that to work with here! We fell in love with all of them 🙂
Things heated up quickly, and the cool reception barn was a welcome change of pace. With warm wood walls, and barn decor, the barn was dripping with southern charm and comfort, and it was here that we got to see the beautiful first dances, cake cutting, and toasts.
Much too quickly it was time for them to get to the port, for their Honeymoon tour, and so we did their send off with flower petals thrown in the air as they passed. I later found out that all the petals were from flowers that Eden and grown and dried herself! Honestly this girl is unstoppable.
Mason and Eden have now been married two months and we couldn’t be happier for them. There is something special about watching the two of them with Jude. They are a great family and we can’t wait for the next time we get to work with them.
P.S. Eden, Let us know when your next garden is ready so we can take a few picture of you and Jude picking fruits and vegetables.

2 Comments on “Eden & Mason’s Wedding at Country Woods Inn

  1. They are a beautiful family and these are beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing this story and their special day (and pictures).


    • They really are! We had such a good time working with them 🙂 Thank you for the comment! It’s always good to hear that people like our work!


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