As wedding photographers, we can safely say that Blesie and Michael’s wedding was a dream to photograph. From their prep rooms, with their make up artist bringing her own light…

…. to their incredible wedding venue, full of HUGE windows and lots of light streaming in, highlighting their beautiful decor…

It was such a peaceful prep time. The bride and her closest friends and family helped her into her wedding gown, away from the bustle of the ceremony area, in the quiet bridal suite.

As Blesie walked into the chapel, light streamed in from the doors, making her look angelic. There was so much light and yet nothing was blown out, or blinding. It was just a very bright, and airy space to have an intimate ceremony.

After the ceremony we had some fun taking their wedding formals. Between their fun-loving wedding party, and the classic car we were able to capture some beautiful bride and groom pictures. ❤

Their reception was a dream too. If you’re looking for a reception with huge windows to let the light in and make you feel like you’re on a cloud, this is the place for you….

Congrats Michael and Blesie! We wish you all the best for the rest of your lives ❤


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