Sometimes love is RIGHT in front of you, but it can take years to discover it. Fred and Diana have known each other their entire lives. Their families were very close, with Fred’s grandmother even being Diana’s godmother. As kids they would often play together, but never thought of it as anything more. Years passed, they both got married, and started families.

Fast forward about 20 years, and they are both working for the city and Diana reaches out for a favor.  They talk and find out they are both newly single again. Being the happy person that she is, Diana jokingly asked him to introduce me to friends and says they should be each other’s wing man.  It felt comfortable because to her, he was like family…Several lunches and coffees later he went for it, and kissed her… and now we are here. Diana says: “The best word to describe this is Serendipity. We found our forever when we weren’t looking.”

Just like their hobbies, their wedding was simple, outdoors, and filled with love and laughter.

As the night reached it’s end, Fred and Diana danced, surrounded by their friends and family, and their first dance was filled with quick glances, smiles, and wistful looks.

We are so happy for you two, and wish you a wonderful life together! Here’s to Fred and Diana!


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