It’s been 5 years since I married my amazing partner in crime. In those 5 years we decided it made no sense to work apart, and instead, put our Film and Television experience into our Wedding Photography business. It’s been exciting, and eye opening as I’ve been able to experience a wedding both as a bride, and now as a photographer, and after seeing so many Brides add unnecessary stress to the biggest day of their lives, I wanted to create this list to help my future brides feel more comfortable, and more relaxed on their wedding day. Here are the 5 things I wish I’d known as a bride.


I know that when the wedding is looming up ahead, and you have a zillion things running through your mind, it’s hard to just lay down, and go to sleep the night before. But not only will the wedding stress seem like no big deal with a good night’s sleep, but you will look and feel that much more radiant if you’ve been able to catch some zzz’s before the big day. If I have a big day ahead (usually every weekend), I try this simple trick of visualizing myself putting on my clothes, and looking into the mirror, feeling confident. Usually I fall asleep before I get “out the door” in mind. Try it a few times before your wedding and see if that will work for you! If it doesn’t there are a million more ways to calm a restless mind. Find one that works for you and your wedding day will run as smoothly as you are.


Hire a good DJ

Yes ladies, you’d be surprised how incredibly important a DJ is for your wedding day, and how quickly a less qualified DJ can make your reception run into trouble. From playing the walk down music during the ceremony, to keeping the energy up in the dance floor, your DJ is there to help set the mood you’ve been dreaming of. They are also the middle man between the guests, photographers, and wedding coordinator. They announce the next big event during the reception, and will read the crowd and see if they want a quiet romantic song, or need that energy up to get the guests up and dancing. They keep track of timing so you don’t have to, and that is a huge weight off your shoulders.


Pick Bridesmaids (and/or groomsmen) that will make you smile

This may seem incredibly obvious, but your bridesmaids (and/or groomsmen) are an integral part of your wedding day, and can make or break your mood. We all know that sometimes we have family and close friend pressures that will guide our decisions, but the most important part of that day is you and your future husband. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are that buffer between you and stress, so if you pick 10 people, or just 1 person, make sure they are a source of positive energy. We want you to be laughing and smiling from the time the make artist starts, to the next morning, and having a squad that will put you at ease is such an important part of that.


Have someone that worries about the problems for you

Whether it’s the Floral arrangements, or for the brides with children, your darling 3 year old that just wants to be with mommy all the time, have someone (or several ones) that can take care of that for you. For some brides that’s the wedding coordinator, for others it’s a family member that you know, and trust. You want to enjoy your wedding, you want to be able to relax, laugh, love, and be in the moment, which brings us to:


Sink into each other’s eyes

I’m not kidding, and I’m not trying to be overly romantic. I’m 100% serious. The person in front of you is the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. They are your fortress, your home, your peace. From the moment you walk down the aisle, look at them, and take them in (this goes for you too gentlemen). This is a once in a lifetime event. Even if you do a vow renewal in 10 years, this day, right here, can never be replicated. So don’t be self conscious of the guests, don’t worry what your bridesmaids will think, don’t even worry about being pretty for us the photographers. You look stunning already, and what everyone is here for is to celebrate your love. So let yourself get lost in your partners eyes, let yourself enjoy the feel of their hand in yours, and let yourself smile, cry, laugh, giggle, let yourself be you, and don’t lose that intimacy. Because in the end, whether you are getting married in a castle, or your backyard, you’re getting married because you want them to be family, and when you think back on that day, you want to remember what they looked like that day, what they felt like, sounded like. That’s what we are there to capture, so enjoy every minute of being yourself, being the perfect couple you. ❤


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