June weddings are some of the best to be had, before the infamous Texas summer, and Kelly and Eric’s wedding day turned out to be wonderfully mild. Their wedding venue was the Frisco Heritage Center, and was filled with gorgeous spaces packed with history.

Her Bridal  house was built in 1895, with dreamy natural light streaming in through the windows. There was so much excitement in the room as she stepped into her beautiful Sincerity wedding dress. It fit her like a glove, and blew her Maid of Honor away.

First looks can be very stressful for kids, as the wedding anxiety can get to them, and it’s a lot to handle in such a small body. But Jeremiah’s expression as he saw his mom walk through the door in her dress for the first time melted our hearts.

The Lebanon Chapel was the perfect cozy spot for their wedding Ceremony. Traditional sanctuaries, even at small venues, can have rows that lead so far back that it’s easy for the audience to feel disconnected from the couple. But the designer of this chapel had that in mind, and wrapped the pews around the altar, creating an intimate space such an important moment. Kelly and Eric laughed, cried, and shared beautiful vows as the sun set behind them.

We then got to do some wonderful wedding portraits with them, and had some fun climbing on the old locomotive. With her dress blowing in the wind, and an intimate moment at sunset, this had all the trademarks of a perfect wedding.

Everyone pitched in to help decorating the reception hall, complete with personalized salsa bottles for each of the guests. You could tell this was a tightly knit group as the speeches began. It was wonderful watching the love and happiness that ran through the speeches, and well into the first dances.

Congratulations Eric, Kelly, and Jeremiah! We wish you a beautiful life together.

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