This is one of those weddings Jeremy and I had been looking forward to for a while. From our first meeting with Alyssa and Justin, shooting their engagement pictures, to the back and forth messaging between me and Alyssa, talking about her wedding nails, shoes, and bouquet, we had begun to grow a wonderful friendship.

As their wedding day came, Jeremy and I piled our gear into the car, and excited drove to their venue. We were looking forward to photographing their wedding, and their absolutely natural chemistry, and we were not disappointed. Their wedding day was beautiful!


Justin and Alyssa met at Sidelines Sports Grill while she was bar tending. He sat in her section and she was told by the bar owner (her dad) to get some information on their motorcycle club.

While “investigating” who they were, Justin asked if any of the young waitresses wanted to go have some fun, I responded “What am I chopped liver?”….. Needless to say they have been riding together ever since! And on June 10, Alyssa walked down the aisle.

Justin took Alyssa to her home town in Florida for Valentines Day weekend as a birthday gift. He got a surprise brunch all set up with her closest family and friends. To Alyssa’s surprise everyone arrived to the restaurant early, so they took a stroll down to the lake front together. While Alyssa thought it was just a beautiful family birthday brunch, Justin took her by complete surprise, and got down on one knee…

Though their wedding day was absolutely beautiful, it was a bittersweet day due to Justin’s brother having passed away recently. But his presence was felt, and his memory honored with all his brothers piling on the stage to share a drink in memory of him. The day was filled with laughter, tears, and overwhelming love.

Justin and Alyssa, we wish you nothing but absolute happiness in your new adventure as husband and wife. Thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful day.


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