We met Trevor and Rachel in the beginning of 2017, and immediately found kindred spirits. We had similar music tastes, enjoyed many of the same films, and shared a love for dogs. We got to meet their furry family members on at their engagement session, and they didn’t disappoint!

Catholic weddings are some of my absolute favorites to shoot because you have so much time to capture the couple during the ceremony and you can get some absolute gems. St. Maria Goretti had been Rachel’s grandmother’s church, and held so many memories for them, that it was the perfect place to begin their new life together.

Trevor and Rachel met through mutual Facebook friends. A shared opinion here, a shared like there, and before they knew it, they began to spend more time together. New Years Eve he took Rachel to the Reata in Fort Worth to celebrate. After a wonderful meal, he dropped to one knee and proposed on the sidewalk outside the restaurant right before the horse drawn carriage arrived and took them to see the fireworks in Sundance square. I’d call that a super date 😉

Trevor and Rachel describe themselves goofy, loving horror and comedy movies, hockey games and tattoos. Even with their busy lives, and dogs, the make time to go on dates together and keep the fun of their relationship alive.

During the reception I had a chance to talk to Trevor, and we both watched Rachel dance in her gorgeous wedding dress. The love in his eyes was undeniable and I hope we were able to capture that devotion in our images. Wedding photography is all about encapsulating the love two people have for each other, and these two made it easy…

Thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day, and can I just say… Rock on ❤


Photographer: LightRing Productions
Church: St. Maria Goretti in Arlington, TX
Venue: Chateau at Forest Park, Fort Worth TX
Baker: Cooper Street Bakery



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