Our first full out, rained out wedding, and what can I say? It was magical.

August 2009, Sam needed a job and Whitney needed a guy who needed a job. Whitney helped interview him and the one thing she remembered most about that day was his smile. Sam remembers thinking that she was really cute. Over the years they became close and a friendship blossomed. Whitney moved on from that job, but the summer of 2013 brought Whitney back to the museum and a fun little series called Reel Adventures gave them an opportunity to rekindle their friendship.


Sam and Whitney love being together. It doesn’t much matter what they are up to, with their favorite thing being grocery shopping together. Cooking and eating those groceries while playing video games or binge-watching their favorite TV shows fills their evenings, and keeps them connected, loving and laughing together. Honestly that’s the dream though, isn’t it? To have someone you can do daily things with while being yourself.

At Greenwood’s German Restaurant, their favorite local spot, Sam got down on one knee to ask Whitney to marry him. In her words “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sam so nervous but I knew I’d never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Jeremy and I have never had quite so much rain fall on a wedding, and had fun reacting to the challenge and still getting some gorgeous images of this beautiful couple. Their first dance was a harp rendition of a Disney waltz, perfect for a an already fairy-tale wedding ❤

Congratulations Sam & Whitney! Thank you for letting us be a part of your gorgeous wedding day!


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