It was raining as we pulled up to Theo’s family’s house where everyone was getting ready. Jeremy and I were already ready for another rainy day wedding, but still held out  hope that it would even off. In the meantime, we fell in love with Theo & Nicole’s wedding day details. Check it:

Theo and Nicole met in high school, and after the usual awkwardness of getting to know each other, fell deeply in love, didn’t fall out of it. Through their different interests they managed to keep a hold of each other, and appreciate each other more, the better they got to know each other.

Theo couldn’t wait to pop the question, and on a “glamping” trip to the Adirondacks, he decorated the cabin with fairy lights and put every detail in place to create a beautiful ambiance of romance before asking her to spend her life with him.

Their ceremony went off without a hitch, and not a raindrop in sight as they said their vows to each other in front of friends and family, and leaped off the gazebo steps into their new lives as Mr. and Mrs.


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