We honestly fell in love with this couple within minutes of starting their engagement session. From being Lord of the Rings fans, to their love of Doctor Who and Narnia, I couldn’t get over how much we had in common! Then I see Nikki walk up behind Ben in her Elven Cloak and I CANNOT DEAL! Her mother made both the dress and cloak, and it couldn’t have been more perfect or fitting.

The groom planned a date afternoon at a local botanical garden. With the help of several friends and the fantastic garden manager he planted two geocaches leading the unsuspecting bride to a bridge with conveniently placed photographers in disguise waiting for him to pop the question. One of the groom’s favorite moments was when Nikki thought it wasn’t unusual when she spotted a santa-claus bearded friend and waved happily as he was filming the opening of the geocache.
Then, with a puzzled face she looked at the groom wondering why there was a Taco Bell sauce packet with the inscription “surprise me.” Her eyes opened wide in surprise and joy when the groom took the ring out of his pocket.


I’m honestly so grateful to have had the chance to work with them and their family. There was such a sense of community, love, and happiness surrounding them, and their guests! It was truly an honor to capture it, and capture their love. Thank you Nikki & Ben for choosing us to be part of your wedding day!

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