Ah this wedding!!! We met Sherein and Steve a year ago, at Nicole and Theo’s wedding, and I remember clearly loving Sherein’s contagious energy! She was the first on the dance floor, and was still rocking out as we said our good-byes. The woman is tireless, and makes you want to be just as epic as she is!

When Sherein emailed me, back in November, I was so excited and honored that I would get to hang out with her again! I knew her wedding was going to be insane, but in a good way. And we were not at all disappointed!

Steve and Sherein met through work, as a lucky change in Sherein’s schedule allowed them to work together for a month. Before they knew it, they had been to dinner every single night, and still had loads to talk about! When Steve met Mackinsey, Sherein’s equally energetic daughter, the two hit it off at once. Since then they’ve all been on family outings in support of Mackinsey’s passions, and it truly shows that Steve is just as devoted to being an awesome support to her, as he is to Sherein. It’s adorable guys.

I’ll go ahead and let Steve tell you their engagement story because I’m not going to do it any justice XD

I had a ring custom designed by Ilah at Precious Metals in Sudbury Massachusetts, incorporating rose gold elephants (her favorite metal and animal). I showed the ring to Mackinsey, and we agreed that Sherein would love it… And like all good proposals, I proceeded to lie my face off to my future Bride, telling her we were going to Foxwoods with my parents and her friend who I had recruited to be a part of my lie months before. I told her we were going to take a detour, but I would not allow her to ask any questions. I took her to the Breakers Mansion in Newport Rhode Island, her admitted favorite place on earth, and sweat it out through the audio tour. When the tour was over, we walked the grounds as we normally do when we visit, and I preceded to tell her how much I love her, and how happy she makes me. And then, I casually asked someone to take our photo, and while they were snapping a few pics, I got down on one knee and popped the question. When telling this story, I usually leave out a couple parts… but I will divulge here – First, I picked the one foreign tourist visiting that day. Not only was it evident that he spoke little to no English (which is totally fine – I am not on my soap box about non-English speakers here) but it later became evident, due to lack of photo evidence of my big moment, that he had literally NO IDEA how to use an iPhone camera. Now, it is possible that he traveled through a rift in the time space continuum and was actually FROM the Guilded era, but I find that unlikely… Regardless, no pics… JUST HIRE LIGHT RING PRO TO DO YOUR ENGAGEMENT FELLAS! #shamelessplug #theyregreat The second thing I usually leave out is her immediate reaction… “Yes… Wait, we are we not going to Foxwoods?” I’m going to take a stab here and just guess that she was so shocked that I actually snuck one by her, that she didn’t know what else to say. I had also made a hotel and dinner reservation and we spent the weekend at her favorite place on Earth. I think I did okay.

Steve and Sherein said their I Do’s at The Madera Ballroom, owned by the Saphire Event Group. The venue used rustic elegance, warmth, with a hint of quirk to keep it interesting, and match Sherein and Steve’s decor. (Can you spot the nods to “Friends”? Sherein’s all time favorite show?)

Jeremy and I are so grateful to have been able to be a part of your wedding day. Seriously we couldn’t have asked for a more fun, and loving group of people to capture. Steve and Sherein, you guys will always have a super special place in our hearts, and there’s no way we will ever forget your gorgeous wedding day!!!


Meet the Team:
Venue: The Madera Ballroom by Saphire Event Group
Dress by Martina Liana
Purchased at Your Dream Bridal, in Sudbury MA
Altered by Mary’s Sewing
Custom Jewelry Pieces by Precious Metals, Sudbury MA
Suits by Menguin Tuxedos
Hair and Make up by Traveling Beauty
DJ was the awesome Justin O’Halloran with B.A.S.S. DJ Entertainment
Cake and Desserts by Just Desserts Bakery & Cafe
Florals by A Whole Bunch Flower Market

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