With the sun out in full force, and her squad ready, chatting and full of love and support, Cicely got ready for her wedding, surrounded by friends and family. And that atmosphere is what we got to walk into and start the day with.

Everything was honestly perfect, from her gorgeous Lela Rose dress, to her 100 year-old Parisian lace veil. As her mother helped her dress, there was sooo much emotion and happiness in the air, you couldn’t help but give into it! Those smiles!! I’ll never be over it!

Rob and Cicely met back in college, with similar tastes and friend circles it was only a matter of time before the began to date. Their mutual love for cats has earned them the title of crazy cat people, which are basically our kind of people. But most of all their love for each other is evident in ever every moment. That look he gives her as she walks down the aisle says it all.

I won’t do the proposal story justice, so here it is, in all its glory, as told by Rob himself:

“For far too long I had avoided the ‘serious conversation’ with Cicely about getting married. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I started to think about how I was going to pop the question.

I had several ideas on how to propose but the one I wanted to follow through on was proposing on April 2nd. That was one year from when I seriously broke my ankle skateboarding and I wanted to take that awful anniversary and turn it into a great day. I knew my injuries over the past year had been stressful for her and I thought proposing to her on that day would be a way to show that I truly appreciate having her in my life. 

I decided to get the ring the weekend before April 2nd. After picking out the ring, I was told that it would be about a month before the ring was ready. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ring for April 2nd. 

On May 3rd, I got the call that the ring is ready. I picked it up on the 4th. I now had the ring but had no idea how I was gonna propose. I had to come up with something new but knew I needed a plan in case the ‘serious conversation’ came up. My plan was if she asked me about getting married, I would come up with the most ridiculous excuses for why I hadn’t asked her to marry me yet. The goal being to get her as worked up as possible and then surprise her by proposing.

The next day, on our drive home from an extremely disappointing taco festival, the ‘serious conversation’ came up. I executed my plan perfectly. Cicely, asked me why I hadn’t asked her yet and why it was taking so long. I responded with a bunch of bogus excuses, my favorite being that the weather hadn’t been good recently. 

At this point, she wouldn’t even look at me. When we got home she stormed into our bedroom and only came out to pet the cats. When I finally got her attention, I told her that she was right and that it had been too long. And to her surprise, I presented her with the ring and asked her to marry me.”

Since you are now looking at their wedding photos, it’s pretty obvious what the answer was 😊


We couldn’t be more honored to have been there for your wedding day. Rob and Cicely, we wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for letting us be a part of this incredible day! ❤️

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