I still cannot believe my luck! When Brigitte shot me a message, asking about us being her photographers for her wedding I was so crazy excited! If you knew her, you would be too. Literally the sweetest EVER, with such a love for life and a contagious energy. Of course we immediately said yes, and went straight into planning her Engagement Session.Them both being LA locals, they know they wanted to do something in the California Mountains, and I knew I wanted to take them to Matador Beach for a completely different look. So here are my tips for making these sessions a breeze for yourself and also your photographers!

1. Give yourself plenty of time. We started our drive through the mountains at around 1pm, knowing we wanted to be at the top right at Sunset. The drive up was only about an hour or so, but on the way up we stopped. A lot. Sometimes for that gorgeous view on the side of the road. Sometimes for a cool tree, who’s foliage I thought would look gorgeous in the pictures. Which brings me to my second point.

2. Don’t ever question yourself when stopping. Seriously. If you look out the window and see something that speaks to you, stop. The worst thing that could happen is that you don’t love those pictures as much as you thought you would, but the worst thing that could happen is that those would have been your favorite pictures, and you will now never know. Sometimes us photographers miss a spot because we’re looking for something different, so if you like something, let us know! We will always be glad to take the picture!

3. Wear something nice, but comfortable. Unless you’re going for a super glam adventure session, wear something you don’t mind walking in, and that you don’t mind getting a few snags in. Though we will always try to keep you far away from anything that could snag your clothes, sometimes photographers will get excited (we are 100% guilty of this) and will place you in a spot, and miss a thorn or prickly branch!

4. Grab that dress you love, and just go for it. For a more glam look, we decided on a beach for their Portrait session. The sunsets there are to die for (JUST LOOK AT THAT SKY!) and the beach itself is insanely gorgeous. The rock formations there are so crazy unique. If you’re sticking to mostly one location, picking more elegant/less comfortable clothing is a great choice. But still be ready for it to get a bit messy. Even though Brigitte picked a more understated look, with a knee length LBD, there was still sand and salt water stains on it by the end. Nothing a good wash wouldn’t fix, but maybe with more delicate fabrics, the wash wouldn’t be enough. So definitely be ok with maybe kissing this piece of clothing good buy after this shoot.

5. Bring something to warm up in. I don’t know why, but we tend to shoot these gorgeous Adventure sessions in COLD locations! Even with the sun out, this California beach was insanely cold. Between Ryan’s blazer, an extra jacket for Brigitte, and a good thermos filled with hot tea, we happily battled it out for the 2 hours that we shot, but without those things, it would have been a miserable time.

6. Be careful while picking your timeslot for your engagement session. Beautiful locations like this beach can quickly become full of tourists and other couples and their photographers. So picking a week night (for us, a Wednesday Evening) will cut down on the amount of people that will be present, and will help you relax a bit quicker, and get into the flow without being interrupted by onlookers 🙂

7. The last thing I always tell my couples is to treat these sessions as the adventure they are. Want to run around and throw sand at each other? Do it. Want to race each other to the top of the mountain? Do it. Be yourselves! That’s why we flew out to capture these images. We aren’t here to capture gorgeous scenery. We’re here to capture YOU. So don’t worry about us, get lost in each other, and we will be there to make sure those pictures are immortal ❤

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