We had such a wonderful time filming  Hilary and Brian’s wedding up in the mountains of Vermont! Perfect weather, gorgeous landscape, absolutely wonderful couple.

“You Are My Person”… That’s probably one of my favorite ways to describe a significant other. It’s such a sweet way to remind them, they are everything, and Ben & Britney showed their love for each other beautifully!

Kelly & James had such an amazing wedding day! We couldn’t have asked for a better time with them at the Essex Resort in Burlington!

We had such an awesome time capturing  Ana and Joel’s wedding. Their first dance was absolute perfection! Check it out!

Jeana & Omar beautiful wedding at the Bell Chapel in Fort worth was so full of life and energy! The vendor team was one of the best we’ve worked with to date. Check out those smiles!

New Mexico in September was perfect for Justin & Brea’s wedding. They were one of the first couples to be married at the Venue, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful location.

Fellow music nerds Michelle & Tucker, had a gorgeous wedding at the Windsor at Hebron Park. Such pure love is unforgettable ❤

An edgy wedding, complete with black lily’s! A photographer’s dream. Plus, let’s just be honest, Rachel & Trevor are gorgeous, and their love for each other outshines everything!

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